Malibu – Super Slow Motion

Malibu – Super Slow Motion

BlogSep 14 2011Comments Off on Malibu – Super Slow Motion

I was recently commissioned to shoot a project for Malibu at 1,500fps.  The concept was very simple: they wanted to show 4 malibu inspired cocktails being assembled in glorious super slow motion.

We shoot took place at Waterloo Studios in London and it was a lot of fun.  I’d done my homework and knew we’d need a LOT of light so we had over 30Kw of HMI lighting with flicker free ballasts.  Needless to say the studio got quite warm!  We were shooting on the Redlake Y5, belonging to Quench Studios, which is capable of shooting gull 1080p HD at 1,500fps and up to 60,000 fps at reduced resolutions.

We had a specialist food technologist on hand to prepare the drinks and with all of the camera and lighting working perfectly, what could go wrong?  Well as it turned out the star of the show ended up being a bit of a diva!  Despite having built a custom rig to deliver the perfect shot of malibu and mixer at the right velocity, it proved extremely tricky to bring all of the elements together at exactly the right millisecond to capture perfectly at such slow speeds.  And then when it came to dropping slices of fruit into the glasses, our gaffer turned fruit wrangler discovered just how hard it is to get right!

Eventually everything came together to make the shots work but it was a long day.  I think the should add alcohol to the list of children and animals, as things you should never work with!  😉

Here’s a behind the scenes video shot by the producer, Richard Wood.